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HOA, Association, Condo and Apartment Web Sites

Our Neighborhood web sites are flexible, interactive and private resources for your Home Owner Association (HOA), Condominium Association, Apartment Community, Association Management Company and so on. Each site is custom built based using our standard design template.

The interactive facilities of your HOA web site will make it a big success with members - and they will feel comfortable using it because it is private!

HOA Admin control panel

The Admin Control Panel (shown above) gives you complete control over practically every content area in your HOA web site. The flexibility of the tools and applications means we can configure the site to be what you want it to be, and then, you can change it if you ever need to, simply and easily.

For example, the "NEWS" area, can have any number of sub-categories set up by you. So, you can have Board News, Local News, Association News... in fact, you can set this up any way you wish.

The same is true for the "Resources" (document library) area. This is an upload / download area under your control. You may set up any number of categories, with descriptions. The you can upload, HOA / Association newsletters, meeting minutes, forms, schedules, covenants and community rules, and so on. This allows you to provide access to any type of information you wish.

This flexibility means that each one of our sites ends up being used in a slightly different way - specific to the needs to the members / residents.

Each member of a committee who intends to add materials can have their own unique email address and administrator user ID.

The Benefits

The Features

Here's a brief overview of the features, but to see detail on each area, follow the link below.

Our neighborhood web sites are all built as separate web sites, which means they can grow or change as you need them to in the future.

HOA Sites Can be set up for as little as $99!

There is a Set Up and Monthly fee for our HOA Sites click here.